DARUM. Darstellende Kunst und Musik

DARUM. Performing Arts and Music

Founded in 2018 by Kai Krösche, Laura Andreß & Victoria Halper, the collective DARUM. Darstellende Kunst und Musik produces interdisciplinary art that combines theater, film, music, literature, room, and visual art with performance. In search of new and immediately experienceable aesthetic forms of expression, DARUM develops works by way of extensive hands-on research, resulting in works that often blur the boundaries of fiction and documentary and take place in preferably unconventional and thematically interesting spaces. We present our audiences with fully immersive art that plays with authenticity and constructedness.

Our works are preceded with big questions of "Why?". But questions are the best answers: DARUM strives to fail productively in its artistic pursuit to answer their self imposed questions despite the meaning of the collective’s name: DARUM means Because.

DARUM sees itself as a creative hub for artists from diverse artistic backgrounds. The group is headed by Laura Andreß, Victoria Halper und Kai Krösche.

Their debut performance project "Ungebetene Gäste / Uninvited Guests" received much critical acclaim and was nominated for the prestigious Austrian Theatre Award, the NESTORY in 2019. It was also invited to be reimagined at the 2020 Impulse Festival in Cologne, Germany. Due to the Corona Pandemic the festival has been cancelled and may be moved to a later date. Their sophmore production "Ausgang: Offen / Exit: Open" turned film during the lockdown, has been nominated for the 2020 NESTROY Corona Award.



June. 404-Deadlink at Impulse Theater Festival (Germany) and Online (Worldwide)


Oct. Uninvited Guests: What's Left? (2020) (Remount)

Oct. Nomination for the Corona Special Award, NESTROY Austrian Theater Award

Oct. Exit: Open World Premiere at the 54th International Hof Film Festival, Germany

Jun. Uninvited Guests: Cologne / Impulse Festival (Cancelled due to Covid-19)

May. Residency PACT Zollverein (Cancelled due to Covid-19)

May. Exit: Open (Preview screenings: nachtkritik.de, WUK, Austrian Cultural Forum Bucharest)


Nov. Nomination for the Special Award, NESTROY Austrian Theater Award

Jun. Uninvited Guests: What Left?

Mar. Uninvited Guests

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DARUM has worked with the following artists:

Emre Akal (Dramatist), Ali Andress (Docmentary film maker and cameraman), Ruth Biller (Performer and circus artist), Shabnam Chamani (Video artist), Simon Dietersdorfer (Musician and composer), Philipp Ehmann (Director, dramaturg and game designer), Arthur Fussy (Musician and composer), Julia Grevenkamp (Stage and costume designer), Franz Hammerbacher (Author), Clara Hirschmanner (Game dramaturg and designer), Gunther Hölbl (Voice actor), Andrea Imler (Author), Nora Jacobs (Performer and video artist), Kristof Kepler (Illustrator), Matthias Krische (Stage designer and concept artist), Sophia Linhart (Designer), Roman Mintert (Photographer), Alexandra Pâzgu (Author), Thomas Perle (Author), Hannes Benedetto Pircher (Essayist), Roland Rauschmeier (Performer), Mario Schlembach (Author), Sebastian Schley (Musician), Aenne Schwarz (Actor), James Stanson (Author), Emma Wiederhold (Youth actor), Johannes Weckl (Stage and set designer), Helmut Wiesinger (Actor and narrator), Simon Windisch (Director and dramatist) and Nora Winkler (Singer and performer).

DARUM has also worked with:

Cornelia Anhaus, Patrizia Büchele, Lara Cortellini, Isabel Dettinger, Siglind Güttler, Victoria Horvat, Darija Kasalo, Armin Kirchner, Ulli Koch, Jasmin Kreuzer, Georg Parlow, Verena Rumplmair, Bernd Seiser, Christoph Steininger, Birgit Wagner, Bernhard Werschnak, Brigitte Zolles and Dr. Sophie Zwölfer 

Past Co-producers und Co-operators as well as Sponsors and Funding Bodies:

Austrian Cultural Forum Bucharest, Impulse Theater Festival, WERK X-Petersplatz, WUK performing arts

Bluedrift KG

Vienna Culture MA7, SHIFT, Culture Inner City Vienna, Austrian Federal Department for Art