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2x USA - "Floating Flies"

For the first time ever, a DARUM project will be presented in the USA. We are very excited that s "Floating Flies" will celebrate its international premiere at the prestigious Seattle International Film Festival on May 14 and will be screened in Brooklyn shortly after on June 10th.

Although we cannot personally attend the festivals, we are still thrilled about this news. In the meantime, we are fully immersed in the preparations for Kai Krösche's latest production, "Linie Q" (Premiere: June 20th, Vienna).

An experimental film about blocked vision

By Victoria Halper

Streaks and stains, known as mouches volantes, float through the field of vision, interfering with sight and fraying nerves. Victoria Halper creates these fleeting image interferences using Super-8 film, digital material, and a dirty camera lens in an autobiographical experiment that challenges viewers' clear-sightedness.

Duration: 8 Minuten

Cast & Creatives:

Directed, edited, filmed, written and performed by: Victoria Halper Conceptual dramaturgy & addtional sound design: Kai Krösche Developmental dramaturgy: Tamara Raunjak Special thanks to: James Stanson, Muffin

Technical Specifications:

DCP 2K Flat Aspect Ratio: 4:3

Sound Format: Stereo

Frame Rate: 25 fps

Shooting Format: Digital HD, Super 8

Colour Format: colour

Language: English

Genre: Experimental

Filming locations: Vienna & Graz (Austria), Pula (Croatia), Dresden and Düsseldorf (Germany)

Funded by the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna and the Federal Ministry for Art, Culture, Public Service and Sport.

"Floating Flies" (Regie: Victoria Halper)
"Floating Flies" (Directed by: Victoria Halper)

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