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A installative performance by DARUM

Coproduced by WUK performing arts

After our debut performance UNINVITED GUESTS, DARUM continues its engagement with the theme of death. The performative installation AUSGANG: OPEN leads its audience individually through an old, empty office complex located in the south of Vienna and confronts them with numerous manifestations of death, dying and transience.

Funded by the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna.

10 Performance Days:

April 2020, starting at 18:00

Individual Startzeiten are bookable, these will be announced very soon!


Duration: about 80 Minutes.

Artistic Directors DARUM (Laura Andreß | Victoria Halper | Kai Krösche) Stage and Costume Design Johannes Weckl Production Siglind Güttler, Bernhard Werschnak Press Patrizia Büchele Assistant Stage and Costum Designer Sophia Linhart Marketing Armin Kirchner gnd more coming soon.