An overnight performative installation by DARUM

a coproduction by DARUM and WUK performing arts

"Homesick" is an overnight performance about one Austria's most hushed crimes of post-war era: the decades-long structural abuse of thousands of children and young adults in both church and municipal children's homes. Children who were given into the care of the state when their parents proved unfit to raise them or who had no parents at all and were left as orphans. Within these homes the children lived a life at the hand of the of so-called black pedagogy resulting in frequent and severe sexual abuse, making their surget home hell on earth. 

Very real stories form the basis of the production which combines peroformance with room, sound and media art. For the duration of an entire night, the audience trade the familiarity of their own bed and apartment for a jointly experienced, artistically designed overnight experience that abstracts overarching themes of home, security, community, group dynamics and privacy. What does it mean to feel a longing for (a never experienced) home? What effects do uprooting and the constant experiences of being at the mercy of being left behind have on a human life? What do the hopeless dream of? And finally: Can our sudience, a group of people who have primarily experienced the privilege of a childhood with a home and without black pedagogy, ever comprehend the devastating feeling of total homelessness experienced by the chrildren of the state?

In "Homesick", fragments of individual, real life stories are juxtaposed with hopes of a not yet lived future. Combining memories of childhood while "trapped" in the municipal children's homes and the consequences of a broken childhood on adult life, "Homesick" blurrs the boundaries between dreams and reality, naivety and bitter disenchantment, asking the question how can you live without a home?


14 performances in Vienna
Late 2022
In coproduction with WUK performing arts, sponsored by the cultural department of the City of Vienna





Tba Vienna

Late 2022



Duration: approx. 14 hours.


A Project by DARUM Room Design and Costumes Matthias Krische Team tba


Funded by the Department of Culture of the City of Vienna.



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