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[EOL]. End of Life

A virtual ruinscape by DARUM

A coproduction by DARUM and brut Vienna

quadrat platzhalter EOL.png

Created by DARUM using DALL E 2 (

[EOL]. End of Life is an immersive VR experience. It transports the audience into a fictional, decommissioned metaverse of the near future. Participants are invited to spend about one hour within this virtual world, engaging and interacting with it More info coming soon.


Cast & Creatives:

Directed by: Victoria Halper & Kai Krösche 3D-Design and virtual set design: Mark Surges, n.n. Artistic collaborators: N.N.

Funded by the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna and the Federal Ministry for Art, Culture, Public Service and Sport.

The artistic development of [EOL]. End of Life is supported by a residency at the Centre for Art and Media Karlsruhe, Germany.




Work in progress
Coming September & October 2024
Vienna, Austria


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