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A search for traces by DARUM

in cooperation with WERK X-Petersplatz







Approximately 500 people are buried each year in Vienna at "lonely burials" without the presence of relatives. Who were these people? What did they do - and what did they like? What did they believe in? Were they lonely at all? And how can we get closer to a person we never knew?


Based on their principle that every human being deserves to live on or be remembered through fiction, the collective DARUM sets out  to search for traces. Beginning in the theatre space of the WERK X-Petersplatz, followed by a bus ride that takes the audience from Vienna's centre to the outskirts of the city where the central cemetary is located. In five one-time-only performances, the audience learns about a real deceased by piecing together fragments of his or her life and together remember the life of someone who no one remembered during their funeral. Uninvited Guests is about loneliness, death and the impenetrability of human existence.

In June 2019, DARUM reflected on this unique performance series as well as the themes of death and dying in the lecture performance Uninvited Guests: What's left?.

5 premieres

Sunday, March 24, 2019, 12 pm

with a text by Emre Akal

Tuesday, March 26, 2019, 2 pm

with a text by Mario Schlembach

Thursday, March 28, 2019, 2 pm

with a text by Alexandra Pâzgu

Saturday, March 30, 2019, 12 pm

with a text by Andrea Imler

Sunday, March 31, 2019, 12 pm

with a text by Thomas Perle

Venue: WERK X-Petersplatz, 1010 Vienna


„A theatrical experience with a long lasting effect.“  (Petra Paterno, Wiener Zeitung)


„A touching, tender project that lives up to the attribute 'immersive': Whoever gets involved in it, is fully immersed in a perhaps real, certainly past life“  (Martin Pesl, FALTER - Das Beste der Woche, Platz 1 sowie Top 10 des Jahre)


„An experience that playfully provokes thoughts on memory and lonliness“  (Die Presse)

Photos: Alexander Gotter

Duration: approx. 4 hours (including food)


A project by DARUM Artistic direction and text (alphabetical) Laura Andreß, Victoria Halper, Kai Krösche Performance Nora Jacobs, Victoria Halper, Kai Krösche and Laura Andreß  Room & costume design  Julia Grevenkamp  Text audio walks  Emre Akal, Andrea Imler, Alexandra Pâzgu, Thomas Perle, Mario Schlembach  Music and sound design performance  Kai Krösche  Videos  Victoria Halper  Vocals  Laura Andreß  Speakers for the audio walks  Gunther Hölbl, Andrea Imler, Nora Jacobs, Aenne Schwarz, Helmut Wiesinger Music and sound design for the audio walks  Arthur Fussy  Guitar  Sebastian Schley  Production Siglind Güttler, Bernhard Werschnak (ProSiBe)  Press  Patrizia Büchele, Birgit Wagner (WERK X-Petersplatz)  Assistant to the artistic direction and production  Armin Kirchner  Set assistance  Christoph Steininger  Consultation game mechanics  Philipp Ehmann (Play: Vienna)  Idea  Kai Krösche  Catering  Darija Kasalo / Hungarian grill

Nominated for the Nestroy Special Prize 2019.

The project was funded by SHIFT, the Department of Culture of the City of Vienna and the Inner City District.

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