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DARUM at the Diagonale '23

They float through the field of vision as streaks and spots, impairing vision and wearing away at the nerves. When Victoria Halper (director) first noticed these mouche volantes in her field of vision, similar to a specks of dust in the lens of a camera, the idea for a short experimental film was born.

"Floating Flies", premiering at the Diagonale '23, is an autobiographical experiment that challenges the clear-sightedness of the viewer. It produces these fleeting image disturbances, so-called mouches volantes, with Super8 film, digital material and a dirty camera lens.

We look forward to the premiere in Graz and to seeing you at the festival!


An experimental film about blocked vision

Von und mit Victoria Halper

Duration: 8 minutes

Directed, edited, shot, written and performed by: Victoria Halper Concpetual dramaturgy & addtional sound design: Kai Krösche Developmental dramaturgy: Tamara Raunjak Special thanks to: James Stanson, Muffins

Technical specifications:

Format: 2K / 4:3

Frames/second: 25 fps

Shooting Format: Digital HD, Super 8

Language: English

Genre: Experimental

Filming locations: Vienna, Graz, Pula, Dresden and Düsseldorf

Funded by the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna and the Federal Ministry for Art, Culture, Public Service and Sport.

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