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NESTROY-Nominierung für Heimweh

We are very excited to share the wonderful news: Our performative installation HEIMWEH (2022) has been nominated for the NESTROY Special Prize 2023! HEIMWEH, our third and largest production in Vienna, was a passion project for us with a wonderful team of artists, experts, and 8 amazing child actors. The theme - the decades-long structural crimes against children and adolescents in Austrian homes - was not an easy one; all involved felt it was essential to try to do justice to this theme both in terms of content and aesthetics - to any extent possible.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our team, our co-production partner WUK performing arts, our venue, WEST Alte WU, and especially to our many conversation partners, and most importantly to the numerous individuals who confided and shared their experiences with us."

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